10 Effective Ways to Clean Up Your House That You May Not Know

Using these quickly but effective ways to tidy up your house could help you save lots of time for sure. These small tips and tricks are often used to clean up the dirt and mess in kitchen, bathroom and of course living room – the places crowded with people all the time.

Basically, if you can spend at least 20 minutes a day to clean up your house, it would be very neat and globes. You can do small parts of work each day, this way could help your to avoid stacking up the amount of work you have to handle. If you keep your appliances clean and tidy, they could work at their best condition and also lengthen their lifespan. Even the best ceiling fans or an expensive air fryer need to be cleaned regularly so that they can maintain their condition and work properly.


These quick clean up method is the combination between work you should do daily and things you do once a week. And remember: kitchen is the place you have to keep clean daily the most.

  1. The shiny kitchen sinks

kitchen sinks

Everything can be moved into the kitchen sinks, from the dirty dishes to the painting drops on some stuff that need to be cleaned. Therefore the kitchen sink is the most unbearable and fastest to be spoiled in the kitchen if you don’t notice to clean it up. You can do it with the dish washing liquid and a small piece of sponge. After sweeping the entire kitchen inside out, you should use a small dry cloth piece to wipe the water again.

  1. Tidy the bread baker up

The bread crumbs are the favorite food for uninvited guests such as mice, cockroaches and lizards to move into your kitchen. Therefore you should make sure that the baker is cleaned up after using each time. The crumbs should be removed from the baker completely and you have to make sure that the baker is wiped both inside and outside by a piece of cloth with a little white vinegar.

  1. The tea – set

The tea – set is always put in the coffee table in the living room, so keep it clean and shiny all the time. To avoid cracking it, just wash the tea – set after the tea is cold. You can use natri bicarbonate with soft sponge to sweep all the dirt away from inside and outside the set then clean it again with the vinegar.

  1. Cleaning up the microwave

The microwave is very easy to get dirt because the food is likely to split out of the bowl and stick inside the microwave. But don’t worry; it is designed to clean up easily if you do it daily after using the microwave.


At the end of the day, try to clean the microwave after heating an amount of water inside for around 5 to 10 minutes. It’s very easy to sweep out all the dirt with the heat of water. Just remember to do it daily so the dirt can’t stack up and make it harder to clean.

  1. The ceiling fan

ceiling fan

I know that everything is not easy to clean when it’s hung up very high. So you must have understand the how hard it is to clear all the dust from the ceiling fan. In fact, there are many special tools just for removing the dust and the spider webs on the ceiling fan blades, but in my opinion, the best way to do it is a piece of wet cloth and a ladder. There are no tools or equipment are better than your own hand.

If you’re not afraid of height, then you can climb up and wipe out all the dust and webs effectively. This way is better than using long stick sweeper because you won’t miss any spots on the blades.

As you can see, cleaning and tidying things in your house is not easy at all, but it won’t become a disaster for you when weekend comes if you do it day by day and regularly. In addition, you do the cleaning regularly; you can make it a hobby that improves your life and the living condition of your family as well.