How to Choose Best Impact Driver in the Market

Over decades ago, best cordless impact driver were as a tool of specialty, rarely occur in the workplace and available in stores. Although these tools gain popularity due to its work efficacy in short, time. Here are following suggestions that are helpful in finding impact drive of your choice.

Excellence torque

Impact drivers have unique feature of torque so it is helpful in exerting long screws

The characteristic feature of torque makes it superior to the standard drivers and drills

Rockwell 20V Impact Wrench

Great Driller

  • Boring of big holes is no more an issue; it can readily make big holes.
  • Along with the small range of bits, its can make small holes more than 1/4 in. or more, it acts like the drill.
  • Twice rmps of cordless drills creates bog holes by moving with high-quality torque.
  • Single Handed Use
  • Conveniently driving

Fully Packaged Driver

  • The impact driver is a smart package of services that is appropriate for each job.
  • Most of the users preferred to use cordless drivers because it has a vital feature of making least noise at the work place.

Noise Protection

  • Sometimes impact drivers create too much noise, in Order to do protect you from this noisy environment it usually suggested that a user must use earmuffs or earplugs.

Not substitute of hamper-driller:

  • An impact driver is functional like hamper-driller, unique in torque, its main resemblance is due to the feature of noise production.

Hex shaft friendly

  • only accept the hex shaft
  • Before using, a consumer must have to purchase hex shaft because a regular bit is not appropriately perform function
  • User-Friendly
  • It does not twist more than a standard drilling

Model variability

Both 12 and 18-volt models differ in their torque

  • Generally, there is a big torque difference between 12- and 18-volt models.
  • 18-volt model is remarkably compact but not more than 12-volt model
  • Most consumers preferred to use 18-volt model because of its expertise in bigger torque.

Comparison of Driver Size

  • 18-volt is relevantly larger than the 12-volt driver.
  • Both models are greatly compact in nature.

Easy handling

  • Despite the unique features of torque, the impact driver is easy to handle.
  • The impact driver causes least twist to the arm rather than standardize driver.

Combo kit

While spending some more money a consumer can purchase drill, driver, or a hammer drill along with impact driver. It is a nice, compatible package of the tool for a consumer spending  some more expenses.

Impact Preparation

Accessories of Hex-shaft

  • In the accessory kit, each item is usually handy and user-friendly in nature.
  • The totally cost of hex-shaft accessories is about 25$, it contains(drill bits, socket adapters, driver bits).
  • Most of the items in an accessory kit will come in handy.

Eventually, a consumer may need that accessory. So making a decision to purchase kit will save some few bucks.

Versatile Impact driver

All the drivers, drills are of  variable nature.

In standard driver or drills, motor, as well as chuck, locked through gears

The operational features of impact driver are of similar in nature but it has light loads

Contrasting features of Standard Driver / Impact Driver

Apparently, these tools look alike, although the operational nature of both these tools is greatly variable.

Excellence for gearheads

  • Cordless impact drivers are good enough as the time-saver.
  • Least torque perfect for small engines.

Comparative analysis of models

Makita BTD141

Expenditure: $280

Torque: 1,330 in.-lbs.

Weight range: 3.4 lbs.

Battery range: 18V lithium (2)

  • Easily available at home centers as well as stores of hardware.


Before purchase,  a consumer must keep in check the prices because usually there is a chance that you may find a good package.

Porter-Cable PCL1201DC-2

Price: $140

Rotation: 950 in.-lbs.

Weightiness: 2.6 lbs.

Battery: 12V lithium (2)

Wide range of power usage

All-inclusive Favorite: Milwaukee 2650-22

Top rated

Charge:  $320

Twisting: 1,400 in.-lbs.

Weight range: 3.5 lbs.

Voltage range: 18V lithium (2)

Bummer: No onboard bit storage.

Milwaukee 2650-22

Compact deal: Hitachi WH10DFL

Budget: $115

Twisting: 840 in.-lbs.

Mass: 2.2 lbs.

Battery: 12V lithium (2)

It’s a handsome package in terms of specification and expenses as well.

Hitachi WH10DFL

Small Packages with huge  Power range

Bosch PS41-2A

Weight: 2 lbs.

Torque: 930 in.-lbs.

Cost: $160

Battery: 12V lithium (2)

Good one in terms of weight and compactness.

Additional  Feature: Battery fuel gauge!