Five Friendly Home Improvement Projects Suggested For Your Bath Rooms

Some people want to make some home improvement projects to enhance their houses’ performance but don’t know where to start. Some others are into “green life” with eco safe lifestyle and house, and wish a friendly-environment living space, yet feel vague sometimes with a too many great ideas. How about connecting the two issues and thinking about an environment-friendly home improvement projects, initially with your bath room?


Bath rooms are proved to be one of the places wasting energy and water the most. Hereunder are 5 great ideas for you to think about.

  1. Low-Flow Aerators

Low-flow aerators are devices that often placed with faucets shower heads systems. Their operating mechanism is adding some more air to the water flow, and then in turn spreading the water into other area with broader space. The results are, you can save more water for daily personal activities like showering, teeth brushing, face washing…etc.

These low-flows not only restrict the amount and flow-speed of water, but also enhance the pressure and force with the principle: less water, more effective.

  1. Paint your bathroom “green” paint.

Repainting your bath room – a good way to booth effectiveness and add some more fresh air to your living space as well. However, expensive and costing paint color is not suggested. Why don’t you try some “green” paint, which means having low or free of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Its pigmentation process uses natural vegetable sources. Everybody mustn’t need to use harmful paint for a small space like bathrooms anyway.

  1. Upgrade your toilet.

The old modeled toilets in general use 3 to 5 gallons of water every flush, while the new and modern kinds use only about 1 or 1.5 flush per time of using. It proves the fact that you should upgrade your toilet if the wasting is happening every day. You can make a simple calculating on how much water you have been wasting for that long time with just flushing.

It is also good for sanitation safety and reduces the chance of causing health problems. A long-lived toilet is having such tons of virus. If upgrading into a new toilet is out of your question, you can convert the old one to a low-flow toilet by installing new device into the tank or faucet.

  1. Replace your plastic shower curtain with natural-fiber-made one.

Curtains with plastic shower give off toxic vapors, and may bring harm to your health for a long time using. That is the reason why curtains which are made from natural fibers are popular nowadays. A linen or cotton shower curtain is suitable, and you can find it everywhere in the market right now, with variable designs and prices – which is very convenient for your projects.

  1. Adding a tank-less water system for your bathroom.

water system

Instead of using heated water directly from the heater every time using, you can hold these hot water into a separate reservoir, so that heating system can rest after just one time heating. Also, you don’t need to run water and wait till it becomes hot. This can amazingly save your electric and water bill, with just a small change to your bathroom.

These 5 ways above are one of the best ways to make innovation to your bathrooms. Moreover, they are practical, low costing and super easy to follow, you can do it yourself or have someone do it for you. You can feel the joy of seeing water and electric bill significantly reduced after months. The most significant points are, however, to join a hand to help saving our earth mother, who is suffering energy overexploitation every day.

Hope you have some funds and ideas while watching our sharing and realize these into reality in a near future. Remember bathrooms are always a good start for any home improvement in any house.


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