How To Use Ceiling Fans In The Way Least Energy Wasting?

Ceiling fan

Ceiling fans now are one of the most popular home tools, because the great comfort it may bring to your life. Just by turning on the switch, a cooling breeze immediately is blown with blades rotation.

This motor requires electricity to operate. However, energy can be wasted if you use it in an improper way. If you want to reduce your energy bill every month, and also help to save our environment, follow these under tips that may work for you.

The main actions that save energy the most is using ceiling fans instead of air conditioners. When not including light systems, a ceiling fan can take up from 50 to 90 watts. Comparing to air conditioner, it is from 2000 to 3000 watts, and window air conditioner counts for over 600 watts. It is apparent to see that, ceiling fan is much more energy-saving.

If you feel hot and need some cool air to help you out, try the ceiling fans first. If ceiling fan is not enough, turn on air conditioner but don’t forget to stop ceiling fan. Using the two of them may be too much and not necessary.

  • Some exceptions about using air conditioner along with ceiling fan.

There are always exceptions for any rule. You may feel strange when some websites suggest you should operate ceiling fan and air conditioner at the same time. This is only energy-saving when you know how. With using ceiling fans, the appropriate temperature level of thermostat shall be set higher – about 5 degrees.

For example, normally without fans, the cooling setting is about 78 degrees, and then with fans, the level acceptable is 83 degrees. This is just a suggestion. Only you can decide what you want, however.

  • Lower fan speed if possible.

Sometimes you turn on the highest speed level as a habit, but you don’t really need that much. For instance, when one is sitting there reading a book or magazine, you only need gentle breeze for comfort. You should take notice to adjust the fan speed depending on your needs or activities.

  • Turn off ceiling fans you are out of room.

When nobody is in the room, ceiling fans are not necessary anymore. However, this is often overlooked by many people, especially when they have to go out suddenly and forgot to turn off the engine. It is not only wasted in electricity and thus energy, but also reduce the fans durability time period.

  • Ceiling fans are not necessary anymore in the winter.

In the winter, a ceiling fan can break up warm air gathered round the ceiling. When the temperature is cool down, the lighter warm will rise in the ceiling of your room. This air blowing cannot go anywhere else, so they will stay still and create a layer of warm air, which is warmer than the rest of the room. What a waste of energy when using fans like that. Remember to adjust the blades movement to be blowing upwards to pervasive the air around the room.

Just some simple tips to remember like that can make your life better and better. Get it acquainted like a habit and you can see how amazingly it works.


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